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Adami Dolls

Clear - (3 Pairs) Bra Strap Tamers

Clear - (3 Pairs) Bra Strap Tamers

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Bra Strap Concealers 3 Pairs

How To Use:

1. Pin Bra Strap Concealers to inside shoulder seam of garment with clip opening facing neck of garment 

2. With the bra Strap Concealers in place, slip bra strap into clip. Adjust for comfort.

Strap Tamers - Bra Strap Holder - Bra Strap Clip - Bra Clips for Straps - Straps with Clips for Bra Straps - Cinch Straps - Bra Holder - Clothing Clips - Bra Clip - Bra Lifters for Women


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